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Solar Brilliance (Pty) Ltd. is a Solar Energy Company that designs, sells and installs Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Energy systems predominantly into the domestic market in Gauteng. Our goal is to promote grid-tied solar PV systems by offering affordable solutions that make this phenomenal investment opportunity accessible to many homeowners currently purchasing their electricity from a local municipality.

The company was launched in July 2018 by husband and wife team, John and Gillian Thacker. John has a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the of University Stellenbosch where he graduated in 1997.

Following a varied career from owing successful businesses in the Garden Industry and swimming pool trade, John was offered a position as Project Engineer with a leading electricity utilities company in Pretoria. During his five years with that company he conducted extensive research into alternative and/or renewable power generation compiling numerous financial models and project proposals for renewable energy projects including Biogas, Anaerobic Digestion, Natural Gas, Tyre Pyrolysis and Solar PV.

On the solar PV side John has designed utility scale (5 MWp) systems for municipalities in Namibia, large scale (2 MWp) systems for local government institutions, medium scale (600 kWp) systems for shopping centres as well as numerous small scale (< 30 kWp) systems for small businesses, boutique hotels and domestic households.

In July 2018 solar parity was reached within various local municipalities in Gauteng where domestic electricity tariffs have been increased by 6.84% for the 2018/2019 year. In this context, solar parity means that repayments on a five or six year loan for the investment in a domestic grid-tied solar PV system could cost the same as it would cost to buy the equivalent amount of electricity (that the PV system would generate) from your local municipality

Our services

Solar Brilliance is committed to offering reliable and affordable PV solutions to domestic and commercial customers throughout Gauteng and surrounds. We offer full turn-key solutions from design to costing and installation.

Grid-tied solutions have the largest investment potential where consumers can expect to save on their monthly electricity bill. Depending on the electricity tariff structure, the potential for saving is upwards of around R 300.00 per month from each 1 kWp PV installed. A high self-consumption proportion will be ensured by appropriately sizing the capacity of each PV system, which in turn will maximise the saving potential for you.

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Customised report

You will receive a report with a customised design to illustrate your system and potential savings.


Included in your free assessment with your quote on full installation including electrical certificate of compliance and list of components or hardware.

Lending support

We offer support with a list of “lending” options available from participating financial institutions and supporting documentation.

Savings projection

We supply you with a projection of “pack back” and potential savings for 25 years. 25 years is the warrantied output period for the solar PV panels.